Dear Friends, here we gather for a year-long celebration leading to the 150th birthday of Sri Aurobindo on 15th August 2022, as a massive ‘thank you’ for his epic Vision and Work.

Yay! So how to go about it?

Firstly, welcome to our Global Creatives Hub!

A collective field of play where all unique artists and co-creators — inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s epic mantric poem Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol — meet and collaborate to continue the upliftment of the consciousness of humanity towards a truly planetary Unity in Diversity.

Savitri is the legendary figure and symbol of the Cosmic Mother, the Universal Creatrix. She is the Divine Shakti personified in the historical Gayatri Mantra of the Rig Veda as Savitṛ, the Solar Deity of Dawn, the Light of the Supreme, then later on in the Mahabharata and in Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem.

To celebrate the intensifying Dawn of the Divine, meaningful, purposeful and uplifting sharings and giftings of all unifying kind are welcome for the psychological, material and spiritual progress of each unique individual. Individuals who will eventually create or join a Deva Saṃgha, intentional Divine Communities that have been blossoming all over the world, collectively aspiring to be living examples of what’s possible on Earth.

Just to be crystal clear and grounded, “For those who are afraid of a word: This is what we mean by “Divine“: all the knowledge we have to acquire, all the power we have to obtain, all the love we have to become, all the perfection we have to achieve, all the harmonious and progressive poise we have to manifest in light and joy, all the new and unknown splendours that have to be realised.” — The Mother

In 1957 with her revolutionary spirit, The Mother beckoned all human beings of goodwill and sincere aspiration to come together and progressively work for the realisation of our common Dream of an ideal society:

I invite you to the Great Adventure.

And as we continue on in 2021, we invite you to carry with us the Torch of Progress by emailing the hyperlinks of your creative sharings, whether in audio or video which you may have already uploaded onto your favourite social media platforms, a page on your own website or blogsite, a link from your cloud drive if a Short Story, Poetry or Graphics in PDF format to:

We will move through a whole year celebration, with a Monthly Theme, following the 12-petaled matrix of The Mother’s Symbol, starting sequentially counter-clockwise from Sincerity for August 2021, reaching Peace for July 2022, and culminating with A Life Divine on Sri Aurobindo’s birthday month of August 2022.

The Seeds of a New Dawn
On Earth were sown
150 mighty years on
Season after season
The Vision and Work has grown

Come join us in celebration!

And do let us also know the following information should you wish to participate in our Creatives Hub. We will review your sharing(s) and will accordingly register you as a Contributor:

  • your preferred display name
  • title of your sharing
  • the Theme you are expressing (please see our Themes page for reference) 
  • the genre of your creative expression, for example Music, Dance, Film, Poetry, Short Story, Artwork, etc.
  • the URL link of your sharing
  • your website if available
  • your geographical base of works

All sharings are duly credited to the individual creators, and purely for the purpose of joyful offering.

From us to you dear ones
Co-messengers of Savitri:
Our eternal gratitude
For your loving collaboration
And willful aspiration
Working with a shared Vision
For all a Life Divine

In gratitude, surrender and love