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The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening
Is happening:
From the humans
Who are now remembering
That We are none other than
The Ineffable One,
To the immortal Cells
Whom with its Molecules
Have been endlessly complexifying
Since the birth of Life,
To the Atoms themselves
Looking for their lost Lovers
Since the eternal Play
Of Dark and Light started.
Matter is now being observed
By a consciousness Supramental
Not anymore divided like mind
But united: the Truth kind.
However the division
Although only an illusion
A felt hologram
Existing every fraction of a second
Is necessary for individualisation.
Otherwise where is The Play?
What is to savour
If there is only one flavour?
Spirit and Matter
The Eternal and the Infinite
Are none other than
The Two who are One.
And We are That
Without exception nor exclusion
The very embodiment of inclusion:
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
The World is One Family
Sanatana Dharma
Unity in Diversity
Utter freedom in complexity
Through knowledge by identity.
A complete identification
With all our co-extensions.
Who then can you harm
Knowing back to your self
All your actions to your other selves
Will karmically rebound?
There is only the realisation
That all must be embraced
In a Love Divine.
So wake up to the New Dawn
O Supramental Children
Of the Marvellous One
And see this Earth
As a Life Divine.

All now is changed, 
Yet all is still the same. …

Zech . 2022.08.23

Featured Flower:
Supramental Influence

“Innumerable and rapid in its action.


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