Hear Ye Music Poetry


All now is changed, yet all is still the same. …
The world I inhabit and the god I adore. …
Lo, all these beings in this wonderful world!
Let us give joy to all, for joy is ours.

BOOK 12: Epilogue -The Return to Earth

This closing trilogy celebrates Savitri’s “promise and a presence” and the coming front of the psychic being, the soul “like a great sea, flooding the mind and body with its waves” to “make of life a cosmic harmony”.

Savitri, after the resurrection of Satyavan from death, still holding the earth soul in her arms, invites all with her words of victory “Let us give joy to all, for joy is ours”.

Geographical Base:
Auroville, India

Featured Flower:
Joyful Expression

“It enjoys itself and gives enjoyment to others.”

The Mother

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