Hear Ye Music Savitri

Earth’s Yearning


Answering earth’s yearning and her cry for bliss,
A greatness from our other countries came. …
A storm of sweetness and of light and song, …
And beauty and rapture and the joy to live. …
A hymn of rays, … revealed the secret Word

BOOK 4, CANTO I: The Birth and Childhood of the Flame

Here the birth of Savitri is described in its sweetness, beauty and rapture, revealing “the secret Word”…

Geographical Base:
Auroville, India

Featured Flower:

True revelation is the revelation of the Divine.


Revelation is the direct sight, the direct hearing or the inspired memory of Truth, drishti, shruti, smriti; it is the highest experience and always accessible to renewed experience. Not because God spoke it, but because the soul saw it, is the word of the Scriptures our supreme authority.

The Vedic seers seem to speak of two primary faculties of the “truth-conscious” soul; they are Sight and Hearing, by which is intended direct operations of an inherent Knowledge describable as truth-vision and truth-audition and reflected from far-off in our human mentality by the faculties of revelation and inspiration.

Revelation is greater than inspiration – it brings the direct knowledge and seeing; inspiration gives the expression, but the two are not always equal.


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