Poetry Receptivity

Unity in Diversity is Already


Unity in Diversity is already.
You just have to see
It All
Beyond Mind.

Of course to say is easy.

But the invisible old world forces
The overlords and puppeteers
Of the mental realm
And their horde of minions
Are still mostly in control.

Most humans and other earthlings
Are under their sinister influence,
Hypnotised by the illusion
Of this perception of separation.

Well what can I say?

This mental world is their creation
Where the evolving humans
Are climbing out from.

That is why
The Avatars of the Supramental
Say that humans are transitional:
Man’s very psycho-physical make up
Is made up of that stuff:
The stuff of Mind.

So how to escape
The super powerful grip
Within and without
Of the mental overlords?

First recognise their motto:

Divide and conquer through fear.

Oh their compelling force is massive;
Most just cry in hopeless silence
Utterly forced to be submissive;
Their sinister clutch is pervasive.

That is why we label them
The Undivine.

But now fear not
Because the Divine Supramental
The Divine Consciousness beyond mind
Is already here on Earth
Fully since 1956 29th February.

You just have to turn on
Your psychic receptivity.

Here in Auroville is more easy
Because this special place is
The Cradle of the Transitionals
Founded and created by none other
Than the Avatars of the Supramental.

But “mind” you
The dark forces,
Seeming contradictory
But complementary,
Are lurking everywhere
Outside inside here there:
Testing you
If you are truly sincere.

That is why in our Charter
It is very specific and clear:

“To live in Auroville,
One must be a willing servitor
Of the Divine Consciousness.”

This is your divine protection,
The first and last word:


So always
At any place
Just remember:

Surrender to The Force.

Although it’s not easy
To know for sure
Which Force
You are surrendering to,
The Divine will reveal to you
The signs and symbols
Of your humble faith:
Balance and harmony,
Peace and joy,
In progressive preparation
For the Supramental Dawn.

So always in gratitude pray
Whenever wherever:

“O Lord thank you for your guidance
Your blessings and protection
And your Grace…
Please continue to bestow
All these blessings
So that this whole bundle of We
Can continue to be
Your able instruments
Towards Your Divine Manifestation.
Please give us the clarity
So that We may truly be
Your fit hero warriors
For all our dear Earth family.”

So dear all only this I offer
To you on this beautiful day
And on each coming dawn
From this day on:

May The Divine Force be with you.

Om Namo Bhagavate


— Zech . 2022.01.15

Featured Flower:
Psychic Receptivity

The psychic responds joyfully to the ascending force.


Receptivity – the power to receive the Divine Force and to feel its presence and the presence of the Mother in it and allow it to work, guiding one’s sight and will and action.


The help is always there. It is you who must keep your receptivity living. The Divine Help is much vaster than what any human being is able to receive.


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