Aspiration Poetry

Two Earths


O transitioning human
Yesterday you prayed for progress
Unity, peace and light
For the New Man to be birthed,
Today you are answered
By blessings you see not quite:
Veiled lovegifts from Grace
To you seemingly hostile
Yet necessarily pivotal
In the relative movements of the Dual.
In your quest for perfection
For harmony, balance and union
In aspiring surrender endeavour
To truly feel and always remember
The multi-dimensional dynamics
Of all your interdependent extensions
So you can be totally free
From the one-sided perception
That is the illusion of separation.
This middle way or third position
The vantage point of non-division
Where the observer sees two Earths,
One perceived and experienced by separative Mind
The other by an inclusive Consciousness beyond,
That are in an exponential process of integration
Becomes the obvious impetus
For the divinely guided servitors
To inclusively joyfully carry on
With the Integral Work and Vision
Spreading the Word in Action
That We are in an evolutionary transition
Interacting with all unique non-others
For the coming New Earth’s co-creation.
And so in full faith We reverberate on
Willing instruments of the Divine
The all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present Divine
Understanding that “It is done.”
Without any hurried expectation
It’s just a matter of time
Immersed in the transforming Golden Sun
Towards the Divine Manifestation.

— Zech . 2021.11.29

Featured Art: Millennium Tree (Tree of Peace) by Josephine Wall

Featured Flower:
Aspiration in Physical for the Supramental Light

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