Perseverance Poetry

Conscious Evolution


An Aspiring Prayer
For the Supramental’s Warriors
Messengers and Servitors:

Oh Divine Mother
Please bestow Your Gnosis
Your Protection and Blessings
Your Infinite Grace
And Divine Power
For each unique forerunner
To persevere in the conscious evolution
Towards the Divine Manifestation.

In eternal gratitude
And willing servitude:

Om Namo Bhagavate

— Zech . 2021.11.09

Featured Art: The Torch by Alex Grey

Geographical Base:
Auroville, India

Featured Flower:
Power of Perseverance (Continued Perseverance and Action)

“The most essential quality is perseverance, endurance, and a — how to put it? — a kind of inner good mood that helps you not to get discouraged, not to become sad, and to face all difficulties with a smile. There is an English word which expresses this very well – cheerfulness. If you can keep this within you, you resist much better, you fight much better, in the Light, these bad influences which try to prevent you from progressing.”

“It is by persevering that one conquers difficulties, not by running away from them. One who perseveres is sure to triumph. Victory goes to the most enduring.”

“Perseverance is patience in action.”


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  1. “Other flames are only branches of thy stock, O Fire… O Agni, O universal Godhead, thou art the navel-knot of the earths and their inhabitants; all men born thou controllest and supportest like a pillar…. Thou art the head of heaven and the navel of the earth…. Thou art the power that moves at work in the two worlds.” (Rig Veda I.59) “That splendour of thee, O Fire, which is in heaven and in the earth and in the plants and in the waters and by which thou hast spread out the wide midair, is a vivid ocean of light which sees with a divine seeing.”

    “Agni has entered earth and heaven as if they were one.” (Rig Veda III.7.4) It is this supreme Agni that Sri Aurobindo and Mother have discovered in Matter and in the cells of the body; it is the key to transforming the body and to changing the physical world. Henceforth, instead of being acted upon through the distorted and dulled agency of all the intermediary mental and vital determinisms, Matter itself, aware of its own force, carries out its own transmutation. Instead of an evolution forever torn between two poles – consciousness devoid of force, leading to a blissful ecstasy, and force without consciousness, leading to the crude joy of the atom – the Supermind restores the Equilibrium within a total being: the highest consciousness in the most powerful force, the fire of the Spirit in Matter. “O Flame with the hundred treasures,” exclaims the Rig Veda (I.59).

    It may be worth remembering that Sri Aurobindo made his spiritual discovery in 1910, even before reading the Veda, and at a time when nuclear physics was still in a theoretical phase. Our science is ahead of our consciousness, hence the haphazard course of our destiny.

    The parallel with nuclear physics is even more striking if we describe the supramental power as it appears to one who inwardly sees. We have said that the higher we rise in consciousness, the more stable and unbroken the light: from the intuitive sparks to the “stable flashes” of the overmind, the light becomes more and more homogeneous. One might imagine, then, that the supramental light is a kind of luminous totality, utterly still and compact, without the tiniest interstice. But, remarkably, the quality of the supramental light is very different from that of other levels of consciousness: it combines both complete stillness and the most rapid movement; here, too, the two opposite poles have become integrated. We can only state the fact without being able to explain it. This is how the Mother describes her first experience with the supramental light:

    There was an overwhelming impression of power, warmth, gold: it wasn’t fluid; it was like a powdering. And each of these things (one can’t call them particles or fragments, or even dots, unless “dot” is used in the mathematical sense of a point that takes up no space) was like living gold – a warm gold dust. It wasn’t bright, it wasn’t dark, nor was it a light as we understand it: a multitude of tiny golden points, nothing but that. It was as if they were touching my eyes, my face. And with a sense of tremendous power! At the same time, there was a feeling of such plenitude – the peace of omnipotence. It was rich, full. It was movement at its utmost, infinitely faster than anything we can conceive of, yet at the same time, there was absolute peace and perfect stillness.

    Years later, when the experience had become quite familiar to her, the Mother spoke of it in these terms:

    It is a movement that is like an eternal Vibration, with neither beginning nor end. Something that exists from all eternity, for all eternity, and that has no divisions in time; only when it is projected upon a screen does it begin assuming time-divisions; it isn’t possible to say one second, or one instant… it’s very difficult to explain. Scarcely has it been perceived, and it’s already gone – something without limits, without beginning or end, a Movement so total – total and constant, constant – that to any perception, it gives an impression of total, utter stillness. It is absolutely indescribable, yet it is the Origin and Support of all earthly evolution…. I have noticed that, in this state of consciousness, the Movement is greater than the force or power holding the cells in an individual form.

    The day we learn to apply this Vibration or this “Movement” to our own matter, we will have seized upon the practical secret of the transition from crude Matter to a more subtle Matter, and we will likewise have begun to realize the first supramental or glorious body on the earth.”

    – excerpt from Sri Aurobindo, or The Adventure of Consciousness

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