Hear Ye Music Savitri

Heroes and Soldiers

SAVITRI Solar Songs I


Here must the traveller of the upward Way
Pause or pass slowly through that perilous space,
For swift and easy is the downward path,
A prayer upon his lips and the great Name.


…Only were safe who kept God in their hearts:
Courage their armour, faith their sword, they must walk,
The hand ready to smite, the eye to scout,
Heroes and soldiers of the army of Light.
Once more they moved beneath a real sun.

BOOK 2, CANTO VII: The Descent Into Night

One the journey through the inner worlds dangerous passages lurk, calling the courage of the “Heroes and soldiers of the army of light” through prayer and “the great name”.

Geographical Base:
Auroville, India

Featured Flower:
Integral Courage

“Whatever the domain, whatever the danger, the attitude remains the same-calm and assured.”

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