Audio-Visual Hear Ye

Trustees of the Divine’s Wealth

A video prepared by Narendra G. at Savitri Foundation

“It is a Meditation on Money, Chapter Four from Sri Aurobindo’s little masterpiece The Mother. This is so essential in the present-day commercial-financial milieu. It also tells of the fallacy of running away from money, riches and wealth as practised by the traditional disciplines of harsh asceticism. 

“The whole presentation is so beautiful and harmonious, with Sri Aurobindo’s simulated handwriting, text running with the clear and amazingly forceful recitation by the Mother herself, that it is much more than a mere aesthetic treat; it is a spiritual experience that can lead to realisation.”

— RY Deshpande

Featured Flower:
Integral Wealth of Mahalakshmi

“Wealth in all domains and all activities, intellectual, psychological, material, in feeling and action.”

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