Why Sincerity?

As they say, “What goes around, comes around.”

How true can this be?

We hope that you can share with us your beautiful experience(s) of applying Sincerity in your life by writing on the Comments Section below.

Namaste πŸ™

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  1. Why Sincerity?
    Because we now clearly see
    That each and all is also We.
    Here’s a recent poem that bubbled up
    That may shed some light to That
    On why Sincerity is most important:

    Only One.
    And so
    If there is only One
    Then there is no other.
    The perception of “others”
    Is false and illusory
    A mindplay of separation
    And Disunity.
    As we can now perceive
    This falsehood
    Signifies an emergence
    From the veil
    From the hood of
    The Ignorance.
    An amusing discovery
    That We
    Are no other than
    The One
    The Being at play with
    Its infinite beings
    A most wonderfilled
    Cosmic Game of
    Hide and Seek.
    Our playfield this
    One Earth
    The Magnificent.
    So who’s to blame?
    There is no other.
    We now clearly see:
    We are That.
    And from We
    From That
    A Being of
    Truth and Unity.
    Supramental beings
    Becoming of
    A Life Divine.

    β€” Zech . 2019.12.28

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