Poetry Sincerity

Talks Between Soul and Super-Soul


I’d not say, that nothing touches me,
But nothing touches me;
As deep as you do.
Where others create a ripple or two,
You bring along Tsunami in my sea.
You alone are the pearl in me.
The meaning of my existence,
You and you only,
Ardhanarishwara, Divine in flesh;
Satyavan and Savitri.

Change of the body,
Rebirth; change of name.
Take a look closely,
And I am the same;
This heart is and was,
Your home, field, game.
My only goal you are,
And I am your aim.

WHY to put, any gender to  soul,
WHY see only, a part of the whole…
Mind mine you are, in the mine of diamonds,
WHY you see, and gather only coal?!!!

There is and ever was,
The Brahm; the Supreme-Soul in you,
Mine and your, discovery may be new.
When with divine eyes,
Arjuna, you re-view,
You’ll witness, I am That, and so are you.

These are my original writings coming from my own realizations of truth. The time that I have spent in searching for the soul-realization have not been to vain and I have been deeply blessed with divine experiences by Sri Aurobindo, Mother and several saints and sages who succeeded in reaching divinity. My journey continues, mainly in the field of holistic education which should connect all other fields of life.”

— Rajiv Mishra . 5 July 2021

Geographical Base:
Tamil Nadu, India

Featured Flower:
Simple Sincerity

“The beginning of all progress.”

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