Sri Aurobindo and Savitri
A Legend and a Symbol

Join us in a global celebration
With the joy of co-creation

What is it all about?

Theme of the Month:


“Topped by a flaring multitude of lights
A great resplendent company arrived.
Life in its ordered tumult wavering came
Bringing its stream of unknown faces, thronged
With gold-fringed headdresses, gold-broidered robes,
Glittering of ornaments, fluttering of hems,
Hundreds of hands parted the forest-boughs,
Hundreds of eyes searched the entangled glades.
Calm white-clad priests their grave-eyed sweetness brought,
Strong warriors in their glorious armour shone,
The proud-hooved steeds came trampling through the wood.”

Book Twelve: Epilogue
The Return to Earth

Evolution of Mother’s Symbol

On Mother’s Flag and Symbol
A Chronological Study by Gilles G.

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